High demand for temporary workers in UK food and drink industry

Posted by Janice Wong on 2nd June 2009

Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is highlighting the value of temporary workers in the UK food and drink manufacturing industry, which coincides with National Temporary Workers Week 2009.

Angela Coleshill, FDF’s Human Resources Director says that the seasonal nature of the industry demands a flexible labour pool and temporary workers should not be underestimated.

“Temporary workers are highly valued and sought after in our sector as they are vital to keeping the food and drink industry responsive, flexible and ultimately competitive. We need to be able to respond to customer demand and calls by retailers to provide products for promotions at short notice,” she said.

The Food and Drink Federation believe that there are mutual benefits for workers and for the industry alike.

“We understand that temporary staff enjoy the flexibility too – the ability to work on temporary assignments enables individuals to balance work with a whole raft of alternative interests and responsibilities. They are also a great recruitment source into permanent positions when the need is there.”

“Temporary working also provides flexible working options to individuals who are studying, caring, travelling, between jobs, or awaiting a change in circumstance,” Ms Coleshill added.