New trends in ice cream, coffee and alcohol

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 11th June 2009

New findings from research house Mintel have dissected current trends for three of the hottest food and drink markets in the US: ice cream, coffee-houses and alcoholic beverages.
Ice cream preferences

Mintel discovered seven out of every 10 men prefer plain ice cream flavours, such as chocolate or vanilla, while 74% of women seek out those containing chocolate or candy pieces. Still, each gender seems to enjoy the other’s taste preferences: 66% of women say they also look for plain ice cream, and 63% of men go for ‘jazzed up’ flavours too.

Fruit flavours don’t bode well for either male or female ice cream-eaters, however. Less than one in three respondents told Mintel they look for fruit-flavoured ice cream.

Coffee dilemma

Mintel’s latest survey found people firmly split between coffee conglomerates (of the likes of Starbucks) and the shop next door. One in five respondents say Starbucks is their favourite, but another one in five are happy to go with an independent local.

Consumers remain equally undecided on their preferred café drink. Coffee with milk or cream leads in popularity as 30% of respondents say they drink it most often, but black coffee, lattes, cappuccino and iced coffees all enjoy near identical favour among respondents.

Beer the favoured alcoholic beverage at restaurants, bars, home

An ice-cold brew beats out swanky cocktails and sophisticated wine in all domains. More adults report drinking beer at home (46%), in bars (26%) and even in restaurants (27%) than any other alcoholic beverage. Wine is a close second at home and restaurants, while cocktails are the second most common choice at bars.

Mintel found people are loyal to one or just a few different alcoholic beverage brands, and 70% agreed that, “when it comes to alcoholic beverages, I like to stick with what I know.”