Soft drink firms make progress on road to sustainability

Posted by Editorial on 12th June 2009

After launching their sustainability strategy one year ago the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has this week reported on progress, with a number of companies already well on the way to the stated aim of a 30 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.


BSDA President and Britvic Chief Executive, Paul Moody, said the industry had made a number of innovative moves in line with consumer demands.

“The soft drinks industry depends on a continual stream of new ideas, covering all aspects of our business,” he explained. “The confidence that our consumers have in our products gives us the opportunity to innovate.”

“The way in which tastes are changing gives us the need to do so. We are not just part of the food and drink industry, we are also in many ways one of the nation’s creative industries. Design and invention are the heart of what we do,” he added.

More to be done

Commenting on the sustainability progress report, Jill Ardagh, Director General of BSDA said that there was more work to be done but improvements to tackle the four key areas (climate change, water, waste and packaging, and transport) had clearly been made.

“As an industry there is more to be done to ensure we live up to the ambitions set out in the sustainability strategy. Encouragingly this report shows the steps already taken to meet the four key industry ambitions and provides a positive path forward for continued progress,” she remarked.

A copy of the report highlighting some of the specific moves made by leading figures in the industry can be found by clicking here.