Restaurant industry delighted by MasterChef success

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 21st July 2009

Restaurant & Catering Australia, the peak national organisation representing the interests of 40,000 restaurateurs and caterers, has been buoyed by the stunning ratings performance of MasterChef Australia.

John Hart, Chief Executive Officer of the industry body, believes the public groundswell of support for the show will provide a fillip for the restaurant sector.

“The Association is delighted with the overwhelming enthusiasm for the industry generated by MasterChef,” he said. “Fremantle Media and Channel Ten have done a marvelous job conveying the hard work, dedication and commitment you need to succeed in the industry. In addition, the passion demonstrated by the contestants and the professional chefs and judges (including Matt Preston, Savour Australia R&CA Awards for Excellence Chair of Judges) is to be commended.”

“MasterChef highlighted the career opportunities available in the restaurant and catering industry,” Mr Hart added. “Renewed interest in the industry will no doubt help alleviate some of the skills and labour shortages that the industry is currently experiencing in the areas of cooks, chefs and managers.”

The skills and labour shortage experienced in Accommodation, Cafes & Restaurants is severe with a Workplace Survey undertaken by Restaurant & Catering Australia in January 2007 indicating that businesses were found to be 6.8% underemployed. Current research indicates that this situation has not greatly changed regardless of the economic situation, the industry body advised.