‘Banana milk’ offers new dairy free milk option

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 12th September 2016

As the market continues to search for palatable and nutritious substitutes for milk, ‘banana milk’ has emerged as a choice.

A simple mixture of banana and water, it satisfies consumers who may be wary of manufactured foods because the process can be easily replicated at home.

That same simplicity also allays the fears of parents who worry about the chemical additives in the food and drink they give to their children.

While not strictly a “milk”, it is a frothy creamy, refreshing drink that is also filling and adds nutrient density to the diet.

It originated in coffee shops in New York and like many such innovations it has been taken up by manufacturers for the ready-to-drink beverages market.

With the banana’s distinctive flavour profile and health benefits, banana milk can be used to eliminate added sugar or artificial sweeteners and is expected to appeal to health-conscious parents.

This new product looks set to further disrupt the already fragmented milk alternative industry. It joins other milk alternative options including ‘milks’ made from almond, coconut, soy, rice, hazelnut and cashews.