Cadbury’s Fairtrade chocolate launched in UK

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 22nd July 2009

In a major step forward for the ethical movement, confectioner Cadbury will this week launch Fairtrade Dairy Milk chocolate into their home market of Britain.

The move has been hailed as a critical “milestone”, with Cadbury the first mass market chocolate to gain Fairtrade certification. Their flagship Dairy Milk brand accounts for more than one in every nine chocolate bar sales in the UK and will substantially add to the three per cent market share currently commanded by Fairtrade products.

“Having announced our intention to achieve Fairtrade certification for our flagship brand, Cadbury Dairy Milk, only a few months ago, it is exciting that these bars are now rolling off the production lines in Bournville,” Trevor Bond, MD of Cadbury Britain and Ireland, remarked. “This creates a tipping point for Fairtrade with Fairtrade Cadbury Dairy Milk bars available to all, with the same great taste and at no extra cost.”

“I’ve seen the new bars and I feel enormous pride that we are the first mainstream confectionery product in the UK to display the FAIRTRADE Mark.”

The announcement was made in March and, upon today’s launch, the company has now indicated that they will look to extend the use of Fairtrade ingredients beyond the Dairy Milk brand and the British marketplace.

Harriet Lamb, Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, is confident the move will be well received by customers and could lead to a wave of new Fairtrade products.

“This is a real milestone for Fairtrade and for cocoa growers in Ghana,” she said. “Cadbury Dairy Milk will create a step change in awareness of Fairtrade here in the UK, whilst in Ghana, it could potentially transform the lives and opportunities for thousands of people in cocoa growing communities. From today, lovers of Cadbury Dairy Milk will be able to make their purchase in the knowledge that they are supporting a brighter future for very small scale cocoa farmers, their families and their villages.”