Juicy Isle launches new low GI juice for kids, sees strength in organic trend

Posted by Editorial on 28th July 2009

With colds and high profile flu strains dominating the headlines over the past few months, Australian owned manufacturer Juicy Isle has launched Kids Plus, a pulp free low GI premium orange juice specially formulated for children.

The company hopes to open a new category on supermarket shelves, with the product offering vitamins and minerals that can help keep colds at bay.

“We had both parents and children in mind when developing this product,” Michael Cooper, General Manager of Juicy Isle, commented. “The texture is more palatable to littlies, but at the same time, we wanted parents to feel confident about giving this product to them. We are aware that many parents will water down 100% juices before feeding it to their children because of the amount of natural sugars found in them. By reducing the natural sugar in KIDS PLUS, we have formulated a low GI pulp free premium orange juice suitable for children with an additional vitamin boost for their immune systems.”

The Australian manufacturer is also hoping to capitalise on rising demand for organic and Australian-manufactured produce with the launch of Juicy Isle Premium Organic Orange Juice – which is free from pesticides and herbicides.

“At the beginning of July, Australian Food News confirmed what our own research had shown – that organic is moving from being ‘trendy’ to being something that is becoming increasingly important to consumers for a range of issues from health to social and sustainability,” Mr Cooper said. “Woolworths’ recent purchase of an organic health food label also underpins the importance of the future of the organic industry in Australia and we’re keen to ensure we continue providing innovative, pure and quality beverages to consumers who are discerning about what they put on the table and into their bodies.”