McDonald’s sales up 4.3%, Australian momentum continues

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 11th August 2009

McDonald’s Corporation, the world’s largest burger chain, announced a lift of 4.3 per cent in sales in July led by the European division.
In their primary market of America, the maker of the Big Mac saw comparable sales rise 2.6%, with European sales up 7.2% and their Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa sector seeing moderate growth of 2.1% as weakness in China was offset by another strong performance in Australia.

“Comparable sales in Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa increased 2.1% due to Australia’s ongoing momentum, partly offset by China,” the company advised in a statement. “A focus on relevant menu choices, value and longer operating hours contributed to sales in this area of the world.”

The core menu, which includes items such as the Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets, was again a primary driver but the company was hurt by the weakening US dollar.

Chief Executive Officer Jim Skinner was pleased with the results and confident the fast-food chain would be able to negotiate any headwinds in the coming months.

“We remain aligned behind our customer-focused Plan to Win, which continues to drive positive global comparable sales as we satisfy customers’ demands for menu variety, value and convenience,” he said.