Free soft drink refills no longer allowed in France

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th January 2017

The French government has banned food service providers from offering free soft drink refills.

The ban affects all restaurants and fast food outlets, along with schools and camps.

Alongside sugary soft drinks, food service providers are also not be allowed to offer free refills on artificially sweetened soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, milk based drinks and fruit syrup based drinks.

The move follows a 2013 attempt to stop New York restaurants selling soft drinks larger than 473ml in size.

A day before the law was to come into effect, a judge ruled against it saying that the Board of Health attempting to introduce the band did not have the authority to do so under the guise of controlling chronic disease.

In April 2016, some Australian hospitals decided to remove soft drinks from all of their vending machines.

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