Buy One Get One Free food offers under spotlight in UK

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 12th August 2009

The UK’s Environment Secretary has floated the idea of ridding the country of Buy One Get One Free (bogof) offers in a bid to reduce food waste in the country.

Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, noted this week that a “radical rethink” of the way countries produce and consume food is required if the world is to counter the issue of food security. Among the ideas is the banning of bogof deals – to be replaced by half-price offers – which it is hoped will reduce food waste.

The UK is also continuing with a push to cut food packaging, while also contemplating phasing out “best before” labels. The idea behind the latter is that ‘best before’ only relates to when the product is at its optimum from a taste point of view. As such, many products are often safe to eat beyond the best before date – as opposed to the ‘use by’ label which is a food safety requirement.

Launching the UK’s new food strategy document, Mr Benn also suggested that GM food production could assist with future food security, in a signal that restrictions on GM yields in the country could be cut back.

“The truth is we will need to think about the way in which we produce our food, the way in which we use water and fertiliser, we will need science, we will need more people to come into farming because it has a bright future,” he told the Today programme on Radio 4.