Top 5 food trends for 2018: Innova Market Insights

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 22nd November 2017

The mindful consumer will dominate 2018 says Innova Market Insights.

In releasing its 2018 top 5 food trend predictions, Innova said the increasingly thoughtful and mindful consumer will continue to change the way companies produce, package and label food.

According to Innova, consumers are more conscious than ever about making healthy and ethical food choices.

Innova Director of Innovation, Lu Ann Williams, said today’s consumer displays a high level of mindfulness about well-being and environmental issues.

“So it is no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly mindful in their food choices, wanting to know what is in their foods in order to make decisions about health, sustainability and ethical issues,” Williams said.


  1. Mindful Choices – Consumers want to know more about what is in their food and where it was produced. They are worried about the perceived healthiness and ethical attributes of any given food.
  2. Lighter Enjoyment – Consumers will want less in 2018 – smaller portion sizers, lighter alcohol content and less sweetness. They will however not want the flavour or quality of any re-formulated food to change.
  3. Positively Processed – Consumers will be warry of processed foods and will look to more ‘natural’ processed foods such as fermented products and cold brew tea and coffee.
  4. Going Full Circle – There will be more interest in resourceful and environmental friendly products such as no-waste food products, innovative uses for food waste and biodegradable packaging.
  5. Beyond the Coffeehouse – There will be a push to make tea as popular as coffee thanks to its health benefits. Innovative tea drinks will be created and tea will be used to flavour many different food products.


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