Momentum building for National Food and Grocery Agenda?

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 20th August 2009

The Australian Conservation Foundation’s (ACF) call for the Government to establish a sustainable agrifood strategy has added momentum to safeguarding Australia’s food security, according to the nation’s leading organisation representing food and grocery manufacturers.

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) said ACF’s “Paddock to Plate” sustainable food announcement yesterday echoed a similar policy call by the AFGC for the establishment of a National Food and Grocery Agenda to ensure the nation’s long-term health, food supply and to protect thousands of jobs.

“We congratulate the ACF for its strong stance on the common objective of securing sustainable production, processing and distribution systems into the future that will providing safe, affordable and nutritious food in Australia,” AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell said.

“Australia needs a National Food and Grocery Agenda that will sustain the industry’s long-term future by providing for the needs of consumers and minimising environmental impacts,” she explained.

Ms Carnell said the AFGC was supportive of many of the AFC’s recommendations despite noting “some differences in the two policy frameworks”.

“ACF has highlighted the need for Government to be the prime leader in the strategy but there is a need for a partnership approach,” she added. “Also, the ACF approach only refers to Victoria but it needs a national focus to be truly successful.”

Ms Carnell said lives depended on both the existence and quality of Australia’s food and grocery industry.

“Food production, manufacturing and distribution systems must be protected to ensure a safe, nutritious, affordable and sustainable food supply in Australia,” the leader of the AFGC concluded.