Is it a granola? Or a cereal? Kellogg’s launches new Just Right® Fusion range that brings together the best of both

Posted by Media Release Agency on 30th September 2020

For too long, Australians have had to choose between crowd favourites crispy cereal and crunchy granola. Now, Kellogg’s has brought the best of both worlds together by launching Just Right® Fusion, an innovative cereal range combining the crunch of an oaty granola with the crispiness of cereal.

Just Right® has been bringing a wholesome breakfast experience to cereal-lovers across Australia for years and, now with this new balanced bowl, people no longer have to choose between granola and cereal again!

The Just Right® Fusion range is a nutritious blend that fuses crunchy granola made with oats and a light crispy bran mixed with multi-grain flakes – and comes in two varieties for Australians to enjoy.

Just Right® Fusion Cranberry & Apple adds the delicious tanginess of apples and sweetened cranberries to create a multi-textured mix of flakes and fruit. Filled with crunchy oat clusters, toasted and puffed cereal and chewy fruit, Just Right Fusion Cranberry & Apple makes for an incredibly moreish morning.

For a nuttier start to the day, people can also enjoy the extra crunch and malty notes of Just Right® Fusion Almond & Cashew. The blend of crunchy oat clusters, toasted flakes, crispy bran and rice with a medley of nuts and seeds, guarantees a delicious wholesome breakfast.

Derek Lau, brand manager at Kellogg Australia said, “We wanted to create a new twist to the Just Right® that Aussies know and love. The new Just Right® Fusion range stays true to what the brand is famous for – being not too heavy and not too light – while adding an incredibly interesting dynamic from textures that will have you pin balling between cereal AND granola.”

“We think it brings some uniqueness to the breakfast aisle, and we’re really excited for people to try it and to let us know what they think!”

Being a great source of multi-grains and fibre too, the new Just Right® Fusion range is now available in Coles stores from RRP $6 and will be available in Woolworths from October 19.