Nat Foods cuts jobs after vandalism

Posted by Isobel Drake on 16th September 2009

National Foods has announced 57 redundancies in the wake of a review of operations at their Berri juice factory in South Australia. The review followed a vandalism attack last month.

Vandals last month caused a temporary closure of the Riverland plant and left a damage bill of around $500,000. And now almost half the workforce will depart after the company decided to not resume production of long-life juice.

Corporate Affairs Manager Geoff Lynch told the ABC that the redundancies were spread across the manufacturing and packaging production sections.

“Our focus now is to try to manage that the best way that we possibly can for employees,” he said. “We’ll be offering voluntary redundancies as a first option to see how many jobs we can take care of in that fashion.”

Mr Lynch added that their chilled juice production was also under review.