Lean Cuisine extends range with wellbeing focus

Posted by Editorial on 28th September 2009

Lean Cuisine has enhanced their range with the development of four meal variants that each help target specific areas of nutritional concern including; protein, fibre, wholegrain and calcium.

The Everyday Wellbeing range extends Nestlé’s successful Lean Cuisine brand and is designed to maintain their focus on the health conscious consumer. The health and wellbeing trend may have taken a back seat over the past year while economic conditions stole the limelight, but industry analysts are predicting it to be a long lasting trend that will drive the food industry.

The Everyday Wellbeing range includes (nutrient issue targeted in brackets):

* Meatball and Bean Casserole (fibre)
*Chicken and Spinach Risotto (wholegrains)
*Creamy Chicken Pasta Bake (calcium)
*Beef Ravioli (protein)