CUB adds mid-strength Corona to its beer portfolio

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 9th April 2018

The new Corona Ligera, exclusive to the Australian market

Carlton United Breweries has launched a mid-strength version of Corona beer exclusive to the Australian market.

The new ‘Corona Ligera’ has an alcohol beverage volume (ABV) of 3.2 per cent and will be aimed at Australians looking to moderate their alcohol consumption.

Carlton United Breweries (CUB) says the mid-strength beer category is continuing to grow in Australia with research showing it now accounts for 23 per cent of the Australian beer market.

Whilst mid-strength beer is traditionally popular in Queensland, NSW alone has seen 14 per cent growth in the mid-strength beer category in 2016-2017.

CUB Director of Premium Brands, Emily Griffiths, said consumers are actively looking to moderate their consumption and want to drink better quality beer.

“Corona Ligera now offers consumers the chance to do this with the trusted taste and flavour profile of Australia’s most loved beer brand,” Griffiths said.

CUB said it will be targeting those wanting to drink during the day with Corona Ligera, rather than associating the beverage with the “sunset moment” Corona is synonymous with.

“Corona Ligera will suit Australians who want to have a couple of beers at a BBQ, but still have responsibilities the next day,” Griffiths said.

“Equally, it would appeal to the career-minded young professionals who love a Sunday session, but are looking for a premium beer which offers moderation ahead of the start of a busy week.”

To support retail through the launch, CUB is investing over AUD $4 million in marketing across out of home, digital and radio advertising.

The launch of Corona Ligera comes after CUB won back the importing rights to Corona from SAB Miller in June 2016.

Corona Ligera is available now at bottle stores and on premise venues across Australia.


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