Kraft to find new name for Vegemite spin-off

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 30th September 2009

Kraft is changing the name of their Vegemite spin-off after facing a backlash from consumers.

The company announced the naming of the new product on Saturday, but iSnack 2.0 doesn’t appear to have struck the right chord with consumers.

The internet is littered with negative posts about the name and it has already been infused into the famous Hitler outrage scene from the movie Downfall. For those unfamiliar with the Downfall clip, it shows Hitler getting upset in German with English subtitles. Some of the more famous uses on Youtube have been for the death of Michael Jackson and the Kanye West episode at the MTV Music Awards.

In the video Hitler questions as to whether ‘we are all being punked by Ashton Kutcher’ and suggests they might as well have called the product ‘One Tel’. Meanwhile, an online clothing retailer has come out with t-shirts labelling the product an ‘Epic Fail’ with the none-too-original alteration to the name of ‘isuck 2.0’.

The episode has again shown the power of the internet and has forced a rethink by Kraft, with the company admitting that Australians “just don’t like the name”.

“The new name has simply not resonated with Australians – particularly the modern technical aspects associated with it,” Kraft head of corporate affairs Simon Talbot said in a statement. “At no point in time has the new Vegemite name been about initiating a media publicity stunt.”

Around half-a-million jars of the product have been produced with the iSnack 2.0 branding and they will be sold in coming months while Kraft looks to consumers once again to find a new name.

On a positive note for the company, the product – which currently is branded ‘Name Me’ on supermarket shelves – has been selling well and very few Australians would now be unaware that there is a spin-off Vegemite product.