Sainsbury’s follows Tesco in launching more sustainable bogof deal

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 19th November 2009

In the wake of concerns about the waste created by ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ offers (BOGOFs), UK retailer Sainsbury’s has introduced a new, but similar offer, to tackle such concerns.

The ‘buy now free next time’ deal allows customers to get the product free next time they are in store and it will be initially offered on nappies and baguettes.

“Following feedback from our customers, we learnt that whilst ‘buy one get one free’ promotional offers on nappies offer great value, large packs often prove difficult and cumbersome to carry around the store, they tend to take up a lot of room in the trolley and can be problematic in providing storage space at home,” Gwyn Burr, Customer Director, said. “This promotion will also allow customers to buy freshly baked bread in-store as and when they need it. Our white crusty baguettes wouldn’t normally be selected as a ‘buy one get one free’ offer item because it is a fresh product that is generally consumed within a day, but we believe it represents great value for the Sainsbury’s shopper.”

When a customer buys these products, they will receive a coupon offering them the free product next time they visit one of the company’s outlets – limited to within the next fortnight. Customers will not be able to receive more than four ‘free next time’ coupons in a single transaction even if they buy over four products.

Tesco launched a similar promotion last month, with both retailers launching the deals in the wake of the UK Environment Secretary floating the idea of banning bogof promotions due to fears that they add to the high amount of food waste.

Consumers are also beginning to grow concerned about the impact of such deals, according to research from the region.