Grocery shoppers keen to keep it simple in 2010

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 1st February 2010

Frugal behaviours adopted during the global recession may reflect a new normal regarding consumer shopping, dining, and eating preferences, according to the American-based Packaged Facts. What constitutes value is being redefined and consumers are making different choices than in years past that will drive their food and beverage purchases for the foreseeable future, the Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2010 report discovered.

Supermarket aisle - shopping trolley

“The outlook for 2010 is best viewed with guarded optimism. Consumer food and beverage choices will reflect the latest social and demographic trends, while also continuing to show financial restraint when it comes to where consumers shop for food and drink, where they dine, and the item and meal selections they make,” Packaged Facts Publisher Don Montuori advised.

The researchers predict that one of the more enduring trends coming out of the recession will be simplification in all facets of life, food included. In the coming year, more food and beverage manufacturers are expected to jump on the product reformulation bandwagon, offering new products with a reduced number of ingredients and substitutions that look less like chemicals and more like ingredients that convey the message that the products are healthier, fresher, more natural, and better tasting.

Consumer preference for healthier, more natural cuisines at affordable prices will shape food flavour and ingredient trends for the year.

Packaged Facts also predicts that sodium reduction and the development of sodium reduced foods will be a focal point throughout 2010, along with the possible corollary recommendation for greater consumption of dietary potassium. And paralleling predictions in the 2009 edition of the report, stevia and agave are expected to gain momentum as alternative sweeteners that find their way more frequently into retail products.