Indigestion or heart attack? New test helps doctors easily tell

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 27th March 2017

Is it indigestion and heartburn, or a panic attack, or is it really the first sign of an imminent heart attack?

Israeli science has come up with a revolutionary technology that provides the immediate answer.

By taking a simple blood test, doctors can find out within fifteen minutes if a patient has had a heart attack. Only one drop of blood is needed and the testing kit is as simple to understand as showing two lines if the patient has had a heart attack.

The kits are already being already used in Israeli hospitals (March 2017) and are extremely portable, being able to fit in the palm of a person’s hand.

Symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, panic attack and heart attack can sometimes be similar leaving some unaware if they are in fact having a heart attack or experiencing something less life threatening like indigestion. Heart attacks symptoms for example include chest pain, nausea, feeling light headed or dizzy or shortness of breath. Those experiencing heartburn can get a burning sensation in their chest and those experiencing a panic attack can also experience nausea, shortness of breath and feeling light headed, sometimes even confusing medical professionals as to what is the patients’ medical problem.

Time is also of the essence when treating someone who has had or is experiencing a heart attack.

Traditional testing for heart attacks can take up to six hours, involving both blood tests and an Electrocardiogram (EKG) test which looks at the electrical level of the heart over a period of time. This type of testing is also extremely costly.

According to the Australian Heart Foundation, over 400, 000 Australians have a heart attack in their lifetime. Each year, approximately 54, 000 Australians experience a heart attack.


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