Dairy Australia to tour south-east Asia

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 11th March 2010

Dairy Australia will take the Australian Dairy Industry on the road this year, holding information seminars across five south-east Asian countries.  The seminars will target food service companies, retailers, manufacturers, food traders and government officials.

Featuring information on Dairy Australia as well as general Australian dairy industry news and market trends, the roadshow will keep important clients up-to-date with Australian dairy.  The seminars are supported by Austrade and will include senior Australian embassy officials.

“South-east Asia has one of the highest growth rates for dairy consumption in the world,” said Phil Goode, Dairy Australia’s Manager of International Trade Development. “The market is moving from a basic commodity market to a more sophisticated high-value products market. A number of Australian companies are targeting south-east Asia in their marketing plans.”

The region already accounts for about one-third of Australian dairy exports. It is set to account for an even-greater share as local interest in a broad variety of dairy products grows. Trade between Australia and south-east Asian customers is predicted to grow further with the introduction, on January 1 this year, of the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement.

“We’re looking at maintaining Australia’s presence in an expanding market so that we have long-term opportunities to increase higher-value sales,” Phill said. “For farmers, this will help stablise prices at the farmgate.”