Amcor rejects price fixing damages estimate

Posted by Josette Dunn on 22nd March 2010

Amcor announced on Friday that they strongly dispute the estimate of damages suffered by Amcor customers, put forward in relation to the class action proceeding commenced by Jarra Creek Central Packaging Shed Pty Ltd.Jarra Creek has released to the parties an economist report which estimates, based on a range of disputed and contentious facts and assumptions, that the damages suffered by Amcor customers, should Jarra Creek be successful in its claim, are potentially in the vicinity of $466 million plus an estimated $231 million in interest.

Amcor disagrees with this estimate, and will dispute the facts and assumptions upon which the report appears to be based. Amcor is continuing to vigorously defend the claim and has said that they will, in the course of the litigation, “put forward independent expert evidence refuting the incorrect assumptions and conclusions in the plaintiff’s economist report”.

The current class action case against Amcor follows last year’s case brought against Amcor by Cadbury, for anti-competitive pricing arrangements entered into by Amcor and Visy earlier this decade.