Whole Foods Market Challenge: Let’s Retake Our Plates!

Posted by Josette Dunn on 30th March 2010

In an unprecedented call to action, Whole Foods Market, the leading natural and organic foods supermarket in the U.S., is launching a nationwide effort to trigger awareness and action to remedy the problems facing the U.S. food system. The grocer hopes to inspire change by encouraging and educating consumers to take charge of their food choices.


With a plethora of current movies and documentaries focusing on the challenges and realities of the industrialized food system, Whole Foods Market has initiated the “Let’s Retake Our Plates” film series to help consumers understand how the food choices they make have an impact on health and the environment. The collection of 15 films range from the Academy Award® Nominee for Best Documentary Feature film, “Food, Inc.,” to independent documentary projects such as “King Corn” and “No Impact Man.” The films will be shown throughout April as part of the company’s Earth Month celebration.

“Our goal is to help open people’s eyes to the reality of what’s going on with food in our world,” said Mara Fleishman, global project leader of the “Let’s Retake Our Plates” initiative. “Whole Foods Market has been committed to improving our food system for 30 years, and this is a great way to gather together to understand that every dollar spent in a grocery store is not the same. Conscious food choices can make a difference.”

In April, Whole Foods Market will host more than 150 screenings in cities across the U.S. with the idea that the selected films will spark change through awareness, understanding and discussion of how today’s food choices affect the environment, people’s health and the future of food.

“I’m delighted that ‘Food, Inc.’ will be one of the films screened at Whole Foods Market’s ‘Let’s Retake Our Plates’ film fest,” said the film’s producer/director Robert Kenner. “I’m very proud that ‘Food, Inc.’ has been responsible for getting people to change the way they look at the food they eat.”

Since Whole Foods Market began with a single store in 1980, the company’s mission has been to sell the highest quality natural and organic foods available while supporting local growers, sustainability, community giving, animal welfare and environmental stewardship – the same issues now being brought to the forefront by filmmakers, farmers and activists concerned about the U.S. food system and its impact on the earth.

Film screenings will take place across the country. Many will offer free admission, while some will request small donations for designated local nonprofits that work to improve the environment and food supply. Some screenings will include post-film question-and-answer sessions to encourage further discussion on the thought-provoking topics.

This year’s film list includes:
• Big River
• End of the Line
• Fast Food Nation
• Food Fight
• Food, Inc.
• Fresh
• Future of Food
• King Corn
• No Impact Man
• Nourish: Food + Community
• Tapped
• The Garden
• Silent Running
• Soylent Green
• What’s on Your Plate?