Kiwifruit exports to India in time for season start

Posted by Josette Dunn on 31st March 2010

India has reopened its markets to Australian kiwifruit before the start of the 2010 season in April.New bilateral agreements for the export of kiwifruit, fish and fish products were negotiated this year after India suspended these commodities, in 2004, due to changes to India’s import conditions.

The agreements include measures to assure India that the produce is not harbouring any pests of concern before they are exported from Australia.

Australian kiwifruit exports have doubled in the past four years to $2.8 million and the Indian market, of one billion people, offers huge potential.

Seafood export trade to India was worth $1.3 million when it stopped. It is expected to resume soon and negotiations are continuing to extend that access to live seafood.

India is Australia’s fastest growing major export market with goods and services increasing by an average of 32 per cent per year over the past five years.