Asda guarantees lowest prices in UK

Posted by Josette Dunn on 3rd May 2010

Last week Asda fired the final shot in the supermarket price wars with a worldwide first that harnesses the power of the internet to guarantee the lowest price to its shoppers.

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The Asda Price Guarantee is a cast-iron promise to shoppers that it cannot, and will not, be beaten on price. If shoppers can purchase a basket of eight or more comparable products cheaper elsewhere, the retailer will give them the difference, plus a penny more for good measure.

The launch of the Asda Price Guarantee heralds the official end of the grocery price war between all the major supermarkets, and covers over 13,000 branded and own brand products, and items on promotion.

Activating the APG is a simple three-step process. 1 Shop – Customers do their regular shop at Asda, remembering to keep the receipt; 2 Check – After 9am the next day shoppers go to Asda Price Guarantee to enter their receipt details to see how much their grocery shop would have cost at the other supermarkets; 3 Smile – knowing they have shopped at Britain’s lowest priced supermarket. In the small number of instances they’d have paid less elsewhere, then Asda will give them a printable voucher for the difference, plus one penny that can be redeemed against their next Asda shop.

For the first time, a supermarket is using the power of the web to guarantee its prices cannot be beaten. The price checker is powered by ,and built by,, guaranteeing its independence. It will also be available to grocery shoppers at

Andy Bond, CEO of Asda said this was a watershed moment in the history of Asda Price. “From today, Asda cannot, and will not, be beaten on price. Our grocery guarantee puts an end to the phoney price wars that most shoppers are sick of. Plain and simple, our Price Guarantee is our cast iron promise that your basket of shopping will always be cheapest at Asda.”

“And for the millions of shoppers who go elsewhere, my challenge is this – come to Asda this weekend and see for yourselves how much you’d save.”

Asda has been able to launch the APG because the majority of items bought by shoppers in its stores are identical to those available at competitor supermarkets. will compare like-for-like branded or own label groceries, accounting for around 70 per cent of all grocery sales at Asda.

Around 10 per cent of products at Asda are unique to the store and therefore are not included in the price checker. However, an additional 20 per cent could be comparable but not without changes to strict trading standards regulations. For example, Asda Brand Pickled Onions, Asda Brand Frosted Flakes Cereal, Asda Brand Broccoli & Cauliflower Florets & Asda Brand Ardennes Pate cannot be included due to small differences in the size of packets.