Sydney cafe fined for recalled Bonsoy

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 4th May 2010

The NSW Food Authority has fined a Newtown cafe for “failing to ensure that food for disposal (recalled Bonsoy soy milk) was kept separate from other products”.

The company has been fined $660 for failing to comply with the standards required by the Food Standards Code.

Bonsoy was recalled in December last year by its importer, Spiral Foods, after unusually high levels of iodine were found in the product. Since then, the ban on the recalled product has been repeatedly flouted by cafes, with customers demanding the product despite stringent health warnings.

The recalled soy milk, enriched with an extract of konbu seaweed, contained more than seven times the suggested daily dose of iodine.  The new reformulated Bonsoy does not contain the extract.

Minister Whan today said that there had been a number of reports made to health authorities by people who had become unwell after consuming the product.

“Excess iodine can cause a number of serious health problems including thyroid toxicosis, palpitations, fatigue, weight gain or loss or mental clouding,” Minister Whan said.

“The priority of the NSW Food Authority was ensuring Bonsoy soy milk was cleared off shelves and out of coffee shops and cafes so consumers can dine safely and with confidence. The vast majority of people do the right thing but we do not tolerate businesses that breach food safety and put the health of NSW consumers at risk.”