Australian Food News’ most popular articles of 2017

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 20th December 2017

Cosmic coloured Doritos, limited-edition Cheesecake Factory cakes and the great garlic bread recall of 2017 have all made Australian Food News’ most read articles list for 2017.

For Australian Food News readers looking for some content whilst we take a publishing break between 21st December 2017 – 8th January 2018, please find our top 10 most read articles for 2017 below.


  1. America’s Cheesecake Factoryenters Australia 

News that the US’ Cheesecake Factory would be selling some of its cheesecakes at Woolworths for a limited-time only certainly interested readers in 2017.

The limited-run of cheesecakes occurred in early April 2017, but there has been no news yet as to whether the Cheesecake Factory plans on selling more.


  1. Taco Bellto return to Australia

News that the fast-food Mexican chain would be returning to Australia for the third time hit in September 2017.

Taco Bell first opened in Australia in the 1980’s and last exited in 2005. Collins Foods, which currently holds the rights to the chain in Australia, has said Taco Bell is an exciting opportunity to introduce a well-known global brand to Australia.


  1. Australia’s best Christmas hams

Australian Pork’s list of the nation’s best hams for Christmas 2017.


  1. Chobani Flipnow available in Australia

Chobani has had a big year in Australia, from winning Woolworths Supplier of the Year to coming on board as the Food Innovation Centre’s first incubation facility client.

In July 2017, Chobani launched Chobani Flip in Australia, a product that combines different yoghurt flavours and mix-ins within the one product.


  1. OAK launches protein milk

In April 2017, OAK launched a protein version of its chocolate flavoured milk.


  1. Woolworths first retail partner for NSW Return & Earn Container Deposit Scheme

The NSW container deposit scheme repeatedly made news across 2017, with the NSW State Government deciding to introduce a beverage container recycling refund scheme similar to those already operating in other states of Australia.

In October 2017 Woolworths was named as the first retail refund partner for the program.


  1. Massive recall of garlic bread

The garlic bread recall of 2017 devastated fans of the food across Australia when a recall was put in place for a number of garlic breads after a piece of plastic was found in a margarine blend.

Thankfully stocks of garlic bread were quickly returned to normal.


  1. Aldi announces new business strategy

In May 2017 Aldi announced its “Good Different” business strategy which has seen the supermarket spend 2017 focusing on what sets it apart from a traditional Australian supermarket.


  1. PepsiCo launch “cosmic-coloured” Doritos

In April 2017, Australian Food News readers were fascinated by the launch of ‘Cosmic Coloured’ Doritos, launched to celebrate Marvel’s Guardian of The Galaxy 2 movie premiere.


  1. Tip Toplaunches low-calorie bread alternative

Australian Food News readers were also interested when Tip Top launched a low-calorie bread option in May called Sandwich Thins.