Coles supports Red Cross Good Start Breakfast Club program

Posted by Josette Dunn on 5th May 2010

Collingwood Football Club players Josh Fraser and Leon Davis will visit the Red Cross Good Start Breakfast Club at St. Joseph’s Primary School today to encourage students to start their days with a healthy breakfast and remind them of the importance of nutrition.

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According to Red Cross, Australian families do not understand the importance of a healthy breakfast, with around 25 per cent of children regularly missing breakfast.

St. Joseph’s Primary School is one of many schools with a Red Cross Good Start Breakfast Club program, which provides students with free healthy breakfasts and nutrition education.

Fraser said he supports all initiatives that encourage children to live healthy, active lives and is looking forward to helping the volunteers prepare breakfast for students.

“Starting the day with a good breakfast is essential if you want to keep you fit and healthy, and it really helps you keep your eye on the ball – on the field or in the classroom,” Fraser said.

Davis said that on the morning of a game, his favourite healthy breakfast consists of fruit, wholemeal toast and wholegrain cereal.

Trish Taylor, Principal of St. Joseph’s Primary School, said the Good Start Breakfast Club has had a profound impact on students since the school joined the program in 2004.

“We are delighted to have a program like the Good Start Breakfast Club to offer our children a healthy start to the day. The children have more focus and that’s a fantastic thing to see because the children reap the benefits in the classroom when they have energy to learn,” Taylor said.

Coles Supermarkets has been a supporter of the Red Cross Good Start Breakfast Club program since 2006 and will be donating funds to the school via a handball competition.

Over the last four years the program has provided more than 2.75 million breakfasts to school children across Australia each year and almost 500 breakfasts in Victoria every day.

Coles is supporting the Red Cross Good Start Breakfast Club program in 2010 through Coles cereals. This year, Coles has committed $700,000 to help more Aussie kids get a good start to their day.