Frosty Boy predict 2017’s dessert trends

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th January 2017

Australian ice cream and beverage producer, Frosty Boy, has revealed what it thinks will be 2017’s biggest dessert trends.

Felipe Demartini, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Frosty Boy said desserts with the potential to “go viral” online are infiltrating the market.

“The dessert market is constantly changing  and  being  influenced  by  innovative  ideas,” Demartini said.

“2016 brought us a number  of  interesting  dessert  designs, while  2017  is  set  to  explore  even  more  ‘out  there’  flavours,” he added.


Top dessert trend predictions for 2017

Frosty Boy’s 2017 dessert trend predictions are as follows:

  • Conut – An ice cream cone made out of doughnut mixture, this dessert first emerged in 2016 but is likely to grow in 2017. This year will likely see even crazier and more decadent toppings added to conuts.
  • Ice cream sandwiches with a twist – Similar to the conut, ice cream sandwiches with lots of decadent toppings and flavourings are expected to be popular.
  • Miso flavour – This sweet-savoury tasting Japanese flavour is likely to make it into more deserts in 2017.
  • Green tea flavour – Alongside miso, green tea flavoured desserts are also predicted to be popular in 2017.


Demartini said last year saw the trend of ice cream cones made of doughnut mixture, or ‘conuts’ emerge. He believes this trend will continue to evolve in 2017.

“Many of the contemporary trends  are  modern  takes  on  classic  desserts,  creatively  redesigned  to  satisfy  the  market.  We expect this to continue  to  evolve  in  2017,” he stated.

When it comes to the emerging trend of quirkier flavours, like miso and green tea, Demartini said it is the Asian market driving the popularity of these new options.

“Predominantly in the Asian market,  the  most  adventurous  or  non-­likely  flavours  are  building  momentum.  Ingredients flavouring soft serve  include  miso  powder,  soup  or  crunch  as  well  as  sakura,  lychee,  green  apple,  muscat  and  the  most  unlikely  flavour  of  all,  sardines,”  Demartini  said.


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