Jindi Old Telegraph Road

Posted by Josette Dunn on 10th May 2010

Jindi Cheese has launched Old Telegraph Road – a traditional and local artisan cheese range available in selected gourmet food stores and restaurants. Old Telegraph Road is released only when ripe enough to serve and is stamped with the cheesemakers’ guarantee of maturity.


Old Telegraph Road uses the old fashioned method of cheese making – one that values the patient practise of waiting. Old Telegraph Road brings back the delicious texture, taste and aroma of slow maturation. Old Telegraph Road is for cheese lovers who know what a ripe, matured to perfection cheese should taste like.

Head Cheesemaker, Franck Beaurain and his cheese making team of passionate locals, created the Old Telegraph Road range in reaction to the shortage of ripe and ready to eat local cheeses on the market. Their aim was to make a cheese that was held back until mature enough to be served not a moment too soon – ripe, flavoursome, delicious.

Released only after it has been matured for one to three months. Old Telegraph Road renews the art of ageing cheese, known by the French as ‘affinage.’ It is during this process the magic happens. The cheese making team is so particular about ‘affinage’ it has included a cheesemakers’ guarantee on the packaging in the form of a numbered red rosette – a promise that Old Telegraph Road is available only when it’s the best it can be. In addition, Old Telegraph Road cheese is made in the most appropriate wheel size for optimum maturing. The circumference and thickness of the cheese influences how well the cheese develops and it is this traditional size that has proven the best for peak ripening and maturity for each of the cheese varieties. For example, the OTR Brie wheel size is 340 mm in diameter – the same as the most famous of French Bries.