Dutch top the world in exports

Posted by Janice Wong on 13th May 2010

For small country, the Dutch continue to make big achievements. This year, The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of fresh vegetables in the world, and this is the third year running.

Nichola Watson, from Fresh Plaza reports that in 2009 the Dutch exported 4.3 billion kilos of fresh vegetables (4 per cent more than in 2008) with a value of 3.5 billion Euro (4 per cent less than in 2008). The top exported vegetables in 2009 were onion (2.4), tomato (0.9), capsicum (0.4) and cucumber 0.4 billion kilos.

In terms of fruit, The Netherlands exported 2.4 billion kilos of fresh fruit in 2009 (2 per cent less than 2008) at a value of 2.4 billion Euro ($3.4 billion AUD). The most exported fresh fruits in 2009 were apple (0.4), pear (0.4), and grapes at 0.2 billion kilos.

Watson also highlights that re-exports is gaining more and more importance in Dutch trade. In 2000, only 34 per cent of the total of exported fruit was from a foreign origin, compared to 52 per cent last year (2009). In the export of fresh vegetables 32 per cent is re-export.