Coles’ expired pastry causes MasterChef outrage

Posted by Janice Wong on 20th May 2010

Two contestants on Australian reality cooking show MasterChef are up for elimination after last night having to completely scrap one of their dishes after discovering the filo pastry bought from Coles was past its use-by date.

Contestants Philip Vakos and Callum Hann found themselves in a race against the clock when they discovered the frozen filo pastry was expired after they had left the supermarket. Instead of making the traditional Greek pie, spanakopita, they compromised by using what they had left to make a spinach and cheese fritatta.

But the judges were not impressed and the pair was consequently put up for elimination as their fritatta came up in the bottom two dishes.

Fans on the MasterChef online forums have flooded threads with similar stories of purchasing expired goods and criticise Coles for poor management. Many fans also question why Channel Ten producers did not edit out the fault and protect the sponsor. Coles is one of MasterChef’s biggest sponsors and reportedly pays up to $A3 million in sponsorship and provides all food in the show.

According to Herald Sun, Coles spokesman Jim Cooper said it was not for him to comment on whether the pastry incident should have had an impact on the competition itself but admitted that it had made a mistake in selling food past its use-by date to contestants.

“We take great care to ensure the products on our shelves are of the highest quality,” he said.

“The pastry from last night’s show did not meet our standards which was very disappointing.

“However, this was an isolated incident, and the MasterChef producers and contestants have been thrilled with the quality of the food we’ve provided for both series one and two of the program.”