Centro announces new consumer rewards card

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 25th May 2010

Centro Properties Group will roll out a new consumer rewards card, Freebies Rewards, across their 42 shopping centres after successful trials at Brandon Park and Bankstown.

Consumers can swipe the card at the shopping centre, using a dedicated Freebies Rewards machine, to obtain vouchers for personalised discounts and special offers from retailers. The program will also offer consumers prizes for participation.

The card will allow retailers at Centro locations to build a database of customers, drive retail promotions and maintain contact with their clientele, and will provide Centro with fine-grain data on consumer habits. Data collected will include name, mobile phone, date of birth, gender and address information.

The card will be personalised to shoppers based on their shopping frequency, buying patterns, expenditure and offers previously chosen. Members can also choose categories they are interested in to find promotions.

The rewards kiosks, designed by The Competition Company, will be linked by a central database, and will include CRM tools to allow shared management of prize pools and fast email and SMS marketing campaigns. Centro managers will be able to log in to the system to manage multiple centres from a distance.

Centro shoppers who sign up will be mailed a card, or can collect it from Centro management where available.