Swiss bakers create 2.3 ton tiramisu

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 26th May 2010

155 bakers from the Italian community in the small Swiss town of Porrentruy have taken back the world record for largest tiramisu, after creating a 2.3 ton monster in their local ice-skating rink.

The Agence Telegraphique Suisse reported on Sunday that Guiness World Record officials certified the gigantic dessert as the world record holder – after a food-safety check.

The monster confection required 799kg of mascarpone, 6400 eggs, 350 litres of cream, 189kg of sugar, 300 litres of coffee, 35kg of cocoa, 66 litres of liqueur and 64 000 biscuits. 8cm deep, the dessert covered a full 50 square metres.

Live-painting artist Franck Bouroullec was brought in to give the dessert its final touch – a portrait of Barack Obama in chocolate powder – a celebration, he said, of the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, rather than the President of the United States.

The record was first taken by Porrentruy in 2007 with a mere 782kg giant, made in the shape of Italy, which was beaten by bakers in the French city of Lyon last October with a 1075kg specimen in the shape of France.