Heart Foundation and Coles: who gets the tick?

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 9th June 2010

Heart Foundation & Coles Select ticksThe Heart Foundation and Coles supermarkets are embroiled in a dispute over the logo of the Coles Smart Buy own-brand line, which features a red tick in a yellow circle on a white background.

According to National Heart Foundation healthy weight director Susan Anderson, consumers are confusing the Coles tick with the Heart Foundation’s logo.

“We receive many calls and emails from outraged shoppers who have been tricked by phony ticks on the supermarket shelf and we’re very concerned that shoppers trying to do the right thing in purchasing healthier products are being misled,” Anderson told the Courier-Mail.

Woolworths also uses a logo similar to the Heart Foundation Tick – a red ‘Heart Smart’ logo for lean meats – however, the Smart Buy products are not nutritionally standardised.

“There are lots of ticks in the supermarket aisles, but only the Heart Foundation tick guarantees food has met our strict standards for salt, saturated fat, fibre and kilojoules,” Ms Anderson said.

“Our greatest concern is that shoppers are being misled.”

In order to receive the Heart Foundation tick, companies must pay an annual fee, and be subjected to rigorous testing for nutritional content.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon also weighed in on the debate. “Whether Coles is doing this deliberately is not so much the issue. The fact is consumers can be misled by this,” he told the ABC.

“A busy shopper could easily be confused by this tick and wrongly assume that the Coles home-brand products are Heart Foundation approved and that is fundamentally unfair to the Heart Foundation.”