ALDI store in Fletcher scuttled

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 11th June 2010

ALDI’s plans to establish an outlet in the Newcastle suburb of Fletcher has been rejected again, with a decision by the Land and Environment Court blocking the planned development.

Previously, Newcastle City Council blocked the development in late 2009, on the grounds that “The proposed development was considered to have an unreasonable impact on neighbouring dwellings and the local roadwork. The proposed land use is not permissible under the LEP [Local Environmental Plan].” However, the council last month reversed its decision, choosing to support the development.

Local residents objected to the planned store on the grounds that it would create traffic problems, and that the space was zoned for local shop, with insufficient space for a supermarket.

Newcastle councillor Mike Jackson had said that a supermarket for Fletcher would be welcome, but that the selected Brittania Road location was unsuitable.

“It’s unacceptable that we should be forcing this sort of development on residents out here in a greenfields development site, when we have potenial opportunties elsewhere,” Jackson told NBN news late last year.

A statement from ALDI to the Herald said that the company was disappointed with the outcome and that they would wait for official notification from the Land and Environment Council to determine their position.