AFGC calls for food-security for Australia

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 17th June 2010

The Australian Food and Grocery Council has called on the Federal Government to create a national food strategy to sustain Australia’s growing population and safeguard the nation’s food manufacturing industry.

“The rising population in Australia is a major challenge facing industry as without a sustainable food supply in the future, Australia’s ability to produce safe and affordable, clean and nutritious food is at grave risk,” said AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell.

“That’s why we urgently need a broad-base National Food and Grocery Agenda to protect Australia’s long-term health, food supply and safeguard thousands of food manufacturing jobs.”

Federal Population Minister Tony Burke announced today that the Government would develop an issues strategy over the next 12 months for the projected 35 million people living in Australia by 2050.

According to the AFGC, food security must be a part of that strategy, with support from government, opposition, public health advocates and the farm sector.