Dairy Australia’s National Healthy Bones Week

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 8th July 2010

Dairy Australia’s National Healthy Bones week, running from 1-7 August, is set to raise awareness of calcium-rich food in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and the prevention of osteoporosis.

The campaign, in conjunction with Osteoporosis Australia, will include a variety of educational information on the benefits of dairy consumption, targeted at Australians of all ages and demographics, particularly school-age children.

Activities will include a nationwide school competition to design a ‘strong character’ to headline next year’s campaign, with the winning class receiving a trip to a local museum or zoo to learn about the importance of a calcium-rich diet for healthy bones. A celebrity chef will also visit the school to cook a special calcium-rich meal for teachers, and do a cooking demonstration for the winning class.

Other features of the campaign include posters for display in medical and community centres, offices, gyms and fitness centres, nutritional tips and advice, a calcium ‘Cowculator‘ for measuring recommended calcium intake, as well as recipes and plans.