Another Win for Tasmanian Innovation and Sustainability

Posted by Josette Dunn on 9th July 2010

The Premier, David Bartlett, today paid tribute to a great innovative and sustainable Tasmanian company – Tassal.  Mr Bartlett opened the Atlantic Salmon producer’s new state-of-the-art hatchery at Ranelagh in southern Tasmania, this morning.

“The Atlantic Salmon industry is a major success story for Tasmania,” Mr Bartlett said.

“Tassal embodies two crucial values for Tasmania’s economic future – innovation and sustainability.

“The company recently won international recognition for its unique fish net cleaner – the Marine Inspector and Cleaner (MIC) – and it’s again proving its ambition and inventiveness with this new hatchery,” Mr Bartlett said.

The world-class hatchery, worth $25-million, will produce 4-million smolt (baby salmon) each year, for Tassal’s fish farms.  It features a state-of-the-art recirculation system, which re-uses 95 per cent of its water supply, and reduces consumption.  It also treats any waste-water, for use in irrigation.

“Tassal’s new hatchery is good for Tasmanian jobs, good for the Huon River and local environment, and good for Tasmania’s clean, clever and sustainable reputation,” Mr Bartlett said.

Tassal has spent more than $150-million in four years investing in the new hatchery, as well as expanding and improving its Huonville processing facility, and developing an innovation centre at Margate for product, packaging and recipe development.

The company employs almost 700 Tasmanian workers.

“Tassal is clearly confident about Tasmania’s economy, and its own future as a leading local company,” Mr Bartlett said.

“It’s looked into the future, and seen the crucial importance of being clever and clean.

“I congratulate the company on this vital investment, and look forward to its future successes,” he said.