Choose tuna that is healthy – for you and the environment

Posted by Josette Dunn on 14th July 2010

FishInternational environmental watchdog Greenpeace has awarded a “sustainable” ranking in its Canned Tuna Guide to an Australian company for the first time.

Fish 4 Ever’s canned skipjack tuna received an 86.30% score in the latest survey, making it the only independently assessed sustainable tuna on the Australian market.

Fish 4 Ever is imported from the UK by First Ray, a Melbourne-based company that distributes organic, fair trade and sustainable foods nationally. First Ray co-founder Sandy Abram is ecstatic with the Greenpeace assessment of their Fish 4 Ever skipjack tuna.

“There is a real growing consumer awareness of the environmental issues, particularly around sustainable tuna fishing”, says Ms Abram, “we have seen sales grow by over 40% in the past year for the Fish 4 Ever range which really reflects this change”.

Shortly after establishing First Ray five years ago, Ms Abram became aware of the issues surrounding over fishing and the lack of sustainable choices for Australian consumers. She discovered the Fish 4 Ever range and saw it as a positive way of addressing this issue.

Fish 4 Ever’s skipjack tuna is caught in the Maldives by local fishermen using a pole and line method.  This method avoids by-catch or harm to other species and the marine environment.

Scientists predict that if global fishing continues as it operates now, we will see the end of most seafood by 2048. Industrial fishing and bad methods (long lining, deep sea trawling and dragnets) also inadvertently catch turtles, whales, dolphin and shark; kill endangered species and immature fish; damage the ocean floor; and disrupt the whole marine environment and eco-system.

Ms Abram said Fish 4 Ever skipjack tuna not only addressed consumer’s individual health concerns but was also a tangible way to help the environment. “It is something good that everyone can do… not just for themselves, but also for the environment.”

The Fish 4 Ever range of sustainably-caught tinned fish in organic oils and dressings is available in organic, gourmet and health food stores and selected independent supermarkets.