Emerging trends which could soon be hitting shelves in Australia

Posted by Josette Dunn on 16th July 2010

An ice cream you do not have to freeze, and chocolate pills which extend life expectancy are among the world’s newest consumer goods identified by Product Launch Analytics. Cesar Pereira, Research Manager at Product Launch Analytics said: “The new launches we’re seeing this month focus on innovation in flavour and composition rather than ingredients. The chocolate pills are an example of the growing trend which we’re seeing build month-on-month, where chocolate is being used to deliver health benefits. Looking at the innovations which are being launched globally gives us an insight into what Australian consumers will be seeing on the high street.”

· Chocolate ‘pills’ have been launched in Spain by Pancracio which are claimed to not only provide protection from free radicals but also to extend life expectancy and enhance energy levels. The Uno Al Dia name, which means ‘one a day’, gives it a quasi-pharmaceutical feel and Pancracio claims that the pills improve circulation and reduce the speed of cell aging.

· Don’t know what to drink after exercising? Have a JT Tea for Sports. This lemon flavor black tea drink fortified with GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and vitamin C is described as hypotonic. The manufacturer, Japan Tobacco, claims that the refreshing aftertaste of black tea would be suitable as a thirst-quenching sports drink.

· An ice cream you don’t have to freeze sounds ideal for us over-heated Aussies. The Chamyto 1+1 Ice Strawberry Yogurt launched in Brazil by Nestle is said to replicate the taste sensation of ice cream. This is achieved by adding a compartment of minted cereals to the strawberry yogurt.