Toffee scorpions and BBQ worm crisps: not for the faint of heart

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 20th July 2010

UK-based online retailer Edible has made a specialty out of unusual and sometimes daunting foods, specialising in unusal delicacies and weird epicurean delights.

Featuring departments for insects, aphrodisiacs, carnivores, herbivores, herbs and spices, apothecary products and even an English Garden collection, Edible’s range is not for the faint of heart. - toffee-coated scorpionEdible boasts an impressive collection of edible insects, including an ant lollipop, oven-baked tarantulas, scorpion vodka, giant toasted leafcutter ants and BBQ worm crisps (baked, not fried!)

Other products include Kopi Luwak, or civet coffee – a Sumatran product, where the coffee cherry runs the gauntlet of a civet cat’s digestive tract before being collected and roasted. Tinned reindeer pate is also on the menu.

As well as foods, Edible offers a unique range of skincare products, flavoured with ambergris, monkey-picked tea, queen ant royal jelly and expired fruits, and even scorpion extract.

While Edible’s products may be available freely to European and American purchasers, Australian buyers should check with AQIS before importing a jar of giant hornet honey.