First beer rolls off the new Bluetongue line

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 29th July 2010

Model and TV presenter Jennifer Hawkins and entrepreneur John Singleton today toasted the first Bluetongue Premium Lager to roll off the production line at the new $120 million Pacific Beverages-owned brewery on the Central Coast today.

After 18 months of building and the commencement of brewing a few weeks ago, the facility can now ramp up to its annual capacity of 50 million litres, equivalent to about 6.5 million cases.

Singleton was enthusiastic about the new beer.

“It is an exciting day for the Bluetongue brand, and signals the expansion of a great local Newcastle beer. Today’s rollout of fresh Bluetongue, off the line, is a credit to the integrity of Bluetongue brand, its quality, taste and drinkability. We were so excited to have Jen taste the first Bluetongue with us today – like our beer, Jen is another great Newcastle export.”

Bluetongue Brewery is the first new brewery to be built in NSW in 40 years, and is now its second largest brewery. The brewery will also be one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable breweries. In addition, the brewery has been designed with a modular format, allowing easy expansion as market share increases.

The sustainable initiatives focus on six key areas: water and energy consumption, product packaging, waste generation (water and solids), atmospheric emissions and considered land use.

“Pacific Beverages has created a state-of-the-art brewery, which has the flexibility to brew a variety of beers, ranging from traditional European lagers to modern American and Australian beer styles, in a sustainable manner,” said Pacific Beverages CEO Peter McLoughlin.

“Bluetongue Brewery has been specifically designed and constructed with flexibility in mind.  We will be able to produce the majority of brands in the SABMiller global portfolio, to quickly identify trends, to stay ahead of the market and create real innovation in beer that will excite and delight our Australian consumer. True innovation will also come to the draught market, as we shake up the traditional draught arena with new offers and ensure our products are available to consumers and customers throughout Australia.”

“The new Bluetongue Brewery has been engineered for taste, quality and flexibility. We have brought in technologies that no one in Australia is utilising, such as sterile filling, which means our beers are not heat-pasteurised, and results in that wonderful brewery fresh taste.  Exactly how the brewers like to drink it – straight from the tank.”

As well as the capability to fill 13 bottles a second, Bluetongue Brewery will be also be kegging draught beer. This gives the brewery the potential to secure a foothold in the draught beer market, which accounts for a significant portion of beer consumed in Australia and allows more consumers to try and enjoy Pacific Beverages’ portfolio of premium brands.