Cadbury to give away “huge” amount of free chocolate

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 18th April 2018

Cadbury says it plans to give away a “huge” amount of free chocolate to Australians as part of a new marketing campaign.

The new ‘Share the Taste’ campaign centres around Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate block and will encourage Australians to connect over the confectionery.

Interactive billboards will be used as part of the campaign, allowing Australians to play a game of ‘Choc, Paper, Scissors’ against someone else at a another billboard. The billboards will dispense a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate block to each participant to share with their family and friends.

Cadbury teams will also travel out to regional parts of Australia to give away free chocolate and provide Sydney-siders with chocolate on World Chocolate Day this year.

The campaign includes the launch of Cadbury’s new ‘Packed with Yum!’ block range which consists of block versions of popular Cadbury chocolate bars like Picnic, Boost, Moro and Crunchie.

Packed with Yum! Will be sold in Australian supermarkets from May 2018 with a recommended retail price of AUD $4.99 per block.

Associate Director of Chocolate at Mondelez International, Paul Chatfield, said Cadbury has a long history of connecting people and recognises the importance of creating meaningful moments between Australians.

“The campaign will help us create a movement of real, genuine human connections around the country, encouraging moments of sharing whilst enjoying Australia’s faveourite chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk,” Chatfield said.


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