Spreading a healthy message at Primary Schools

Posted by Josette Dunn on 30th July 2010

Get up, get active and eat healthily – that’s the message being delivered to tens of thousands of Victorian Government school students through the popular Go for your life programs.Education Minister Bronwyn Pike and Member for Macedon Joanne Duncan today accompanied the Go for your life van to Kismet Park Primary School in Sunbury and joined students taking part in exercise and discussions about healthy eating.

Ms Pike said the Victorian Government “is committed to improving the health of all Victorians and we recognise that schools play a large part in promoting healthy lifestyles”.

“That’s why we are proud to invest in programs like Go for your life, which promotes active lifestyles through simple things like walking to school instead of driving, and playing ball sports instead of video games.”

The Government has invested $150 million in Go for your life to tackle obesity by promoting healthy eating and encouraging people to do more exercise.

“When the bright green Go for your life van rolls into Victorian schools, the kids know they are about to have a great time exercising
and learning about healthy foods,” she said.

“Since the program was launched in 2006, the Go for your life vans have travelled more than 120,000 kilometres across Victoria – from Mornington to Mallacoota, and Mildura to Mansfield.

“More than 70,000 students from 550 preschools, primary and secondary schools have been involved in the fantastic programs.”

Ms Duncan said at Kismet Park Primary School, students were already encouraged to drink plenty of water, eat fruit and vegetables and be active – so the Go for your life program is an extension of the hard work being done by staff at the school.

As part of the visit, Ms Pike and Ms Duncan gave every student a wide-brimmed hat to prepare for the coming spring and summer seasons.

“Students at Kismet Park Primary School are very switched on when it comes to combining exercise with the daily routine of the school day,” Ms Pike said.

“Since the school introduced a Ride2School program last year many more students are getting great exercise on their way to and from school.

“I congratulate the many parents who considered the condition of their child’s bike and where appropriate have given their children permission to ride to school.

“The school also hosted an afternoon where parents could bring their bikes to the school for a maintenance check.”