The Newest Restaurant Trend: Bottomless Lunches

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th July 2019

Your cup will truly runneth over when you indulge in the latest restaurant trend for lunch offerings without end. Trinket Bar is the jewel in the crown for lunchtime crowds who enjoy their midday meals with an enticingly bottomless approach.

The notion of ongoing gourmet offerings also never comes at a premium at Trinket Bar. A taste sensation in bottomless pizza selections served piping hot and crafted to artisan perfection are always priced to please budget-minded gourmet revellers.

Whether your preference is for a relaxed office gathering or more leisurely afternoon soiree, Trinket Bar comes to the party with an ever-materialising range of deluxe pizzas that epitomise the “more is more” mantra.

All palates are catered for with a choice of 13 pizza offerings, including the freshest ingredients that are zinging with visual appeal and packed with flavour. Vegetarians will be endlessly tempted by piping hot discs topped with roasted pumpkin, fresh beetroot, eggplant, sauteed mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes and premium mozzarella. The classic Margherita pizza features verdant basil, lush tomatoes roasted in the woodfired oven and the creamiest buffalo mozzarella.

Chicken lovers will also come home to roost with an extensive range of free-range spiced chicken with peppers, capers and mozzarella pizzas and the endlessly popular smoked chicken with pesto and spnach pizzas.

Of course, carnivores will “meat” and greet over a tempting selection of tip-top toppings, including homemade meatballs (with decadent blue cheese and tangy pickled onion), gourmet prosciutto, garlic sausage and chorizo. But don’t worry; the meat-is-magic approach to flavour combinations is an ever-present entity at Trinket Bar.

There are also gluten-free and other dietary options on offer, which means that pizza lovers of all tastes, preferences and requirements can nibble, munch and crunch on bottomless lunches that are worth digging into.

Did we mention that you will also never go thirsty at Trinket Bar? That’s because the endless pizza lunchtime events include bottomless cocktails.

You and your party people can sip to your heart’s content on a winning selection of world-class cocktails, fine wines, craft beers, ciders and soft drink options. The mixologist magicians at Trinket Bar are at hand to create delectable martinis, gin fizzes, fruity cocktails laced with premium spirits and all beverage flavours to savour — seemingly on tap.

So make your lunchtime break an occasion worth celebrating with an online group booking for your bottomless pizza and cocktails event at Trinket Bar. Located in Flinders Lane, in the pulsating heart of Melbourne’s hip CBD, the coolest venue is designed to provide the warmest welcome with endless gourmet tastes to treasure at Trinket.