New ‘Tassie Grown’ label for Woolworths

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 12th August 2010

Woolworths and the Tasmanian Government yesterday launched a new ‘Tassie Grown’ initiative to identify Tasmanian-grown produce on local supermarket shelves.

Tasmanian Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Bryan Green, said the move was a boost for Tasmanian farmers, and encouraged other retailers to follow suit.

“Shoppers will be able to quickly identify locally grown food which is a great opportunity to show support for Tasmanian producers,” he said. “There is strong demand for our quality fruit, vegetables and other produce and Woolworths clearly sees a marketing advantage by promoting Tasmanian product.”

Woolworths Tasmanian Area Manager Brett O’Dea said the new shelf labels, stickers and signage would start appearing from today on packs, on shelves and in the deli department across 28 Woolworths supermarkets in Tasmania.

O’Dea said the new labelling was part of Woolworths’ longstanding commitment to Tasmanian agriculture and the promotion of the wonderful range of home-grown produce.

“The introduction of Woolworths ‘Tassie Grown’ labelling will give local farmers more visibility on the supermarket shelf and encourage Woolies’ customers to buy even more Tasmanian produce,” he said. “Our customers have made it clear that they want more information about what fresh food is produced right here in the Tasmanian food bowl and how they can help the local agriculture industry when they shop.

“More than 100 lines of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish will carry the ‘Tassie Grown’ labels appearing on the pack itself, on the shelf for loose produce, or in the deli.”

O’Dea said the appeal of Tassie Grown produce wasn’t limited to local buyers.

“We know that customers all over Australia appreciate the Tasmania’s clean and green image, so, in addition to the new labelling within the state, Woolworths continues to promote the origin of many of its Tasmanian-produced products, including cheese, butter and vegetables, sold all over Australia,”

Depending on the season, Woolworths stores in Tasmania sell a range of fresh local produce, including apples, broccoli, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, parsnips, carrot, potatoes, pumpkins, rhubarb, onions, salad leaves, salmon, oysters, scallops, beef, sausages, eggs and milk.

Minister Green said that while sales into interstate markets continued to grow, food sales in Tasmania have increased by $100 million a year over the past five years. He also said the move would provide further momentum for the State Government’s Food Bowl strategy.

“The Government is committed to sustaining growth and jobs in the agricultural sector by opening up new opportunities for farmers,” he said. “The value of Tasmania’s agricultural and seafood sectors has increased by $730 million over the past decade, but we aren’t resting on our laurels. That’s why we are investing heavily in new irrigation infrastructure around the State and supporting innovation in the agriculture and food sectors,” he said.