Bonne Maman relaunched

Posted by Josette Dunn on 16th August 2010

Leading premium brand, Bonne Maman, is being relaunched in Australia by national food marketing and distribution business, Menora Foods.


Bonne Maman, the unrivalled market leader in France with more than 35 percent of market share, is now available in Australia at leading independent supermarkets and from September in selected Coles stores nationwide.

“Menora Foods is excited to add Bonne Maman conserves to its range of market-leading brands, and allow Australians the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful and well known French brands in the world,” said Assistant Managing Director, Sam Schachna.

Crafted in France, Bonne Maman conserves are made with a minimum of 50 per cent real fruit, with no preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings, making it
the healthier choice. Bonne Maman conserves feature four simple ingredients including pure fruit, natural sugar, lemon juice and fruit pectin. The fruit and sugar are gently mixed together to create the perfect consistency, then slowly cooked to perfection.

Bonne Maman is then packed in the stylish French facetted jar, famous red and white gingham lid, and distinctive handwritten logo that has made them the most sought after conserves in more than 100 countries worldwide.

As Australian consumers show a growing interest for premium offerings, Bonne Maman with its unique design, emphasis on quality ingredients and home-made appeal, sends a reassuring message of quality and tradition.

Available in 370g jars, Bonne Maman’s range of flavours is extensive, offering a variety of twelve conserves such as favourites Strawberry and Apricot, the classic Orange Marmalade, or more unusual varieties such as Fig and Damson Plum.