The Brewery

Posted by Josette Dunn on 30th August 2010

‘A Carlton, please!’ is a phrase that’s still shouted across every bar in every hotel in Australia. The Carlton was one of six breweries that united to form the company we know today as CUB (Foster’s), yet we still call it Carlton.


This book is about the Carlton Brewery and the breweries in Melbourne that became part of it. It focuses on the people who struggled to develop a quintessential Australian beer. It is a snapshot of Australian culture and the grandeur of Victorian architecture.

Brimming with amazing never-before-seen photographs of this glorious era, The Brewery also explores the important impact of the brewery on society. The story traces the evolution of beer branding, and how Carlton advertised and marketed their product.

Author Andrew Bailey is an engraver, who for some years was involved in producing early colonial-style beers and marketing them from his Fitzroy hotel.

Designer Michael Bannenberg is an advertising art director/designer. With over 29 years experience on the CUB business working for advertising agency George Patterson, Michael has a passion for beer and beverage communication.