Style and serve the ultimate cheese board with these top tips

Posted by Media Release Agency on 18th June 2020

Nothing quite tops a virtual dinner party like a good cheeseboard. In fact, for many this is the highlight of the meal. 

Food stylist Jenny Brown and senior recipe developer Jordan Moore from Gousto have teamed up to reveal their tips for assembling the ultimate cheese board, perfect for National Cheese Day – plus three easy cheesy recipes for cheeseboard leftovers.

Here is a sample of the tips from Gousto team: 

“Grapes, strawberries, apples and figs are perfect cheeseboard additions – just be sure to give the apples a spritz of lemon or lime before serving to avoid them going brown on the board”.   

“There are so many different flavours of crackers to choose from nowadays, it can be difficult to know what to pick up. My general rule is to keep the crackers as plain as possible, so try an oatcake or a cream cracker to serve alongside.”

Here is a sample of the recipe: 

Easy Triple Cheese Pizza 

Forget takeaways – you can’t beat a classic homemade pizza. This triple cheese pizza is super-quick to make and the whole family will love it! Made with three different types of cheeses, this Italian dish is veggie pizza perfection (you can use up your cheeseboard leftovers too!)